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SEO Myths & Facts
Myth:- Automated SEO is black-hat or spammy


Operators of hot air balloon
flights in the UK

� I have personally monitored the gradual increase in business generated through our website. From 5 enquiries a day to the staggering 60 enquiries as of today. All I can say is that I see no point in having a website without the availability of your services.�

Damian Brockway
Managing Director
Virgin Balloon Flights

Virgin Balloon Flights

The internet as a medium to reach potential customers has no parallel in the history of mankind.

You have taken the effort to ensure you have an attractive and user friendly website, but, if it is not listed in the top 10 positions of all major search engines, it fails to get noticed.

Most people find sites through search engines, which are the yellow pages of the internet. Search engines search their databases for matches to your query, which could throw up thousands of results for one specific search.

How do you ensure that your website will be ranked on top gains a prominent position when a browser makes a search for products or services that resemble your nature of business and form the core of your website? Envisage this from your own personal experience of browsing the net, you would hardly extend beyond the first 2 pages of any search engine after a keyword search.

This is where Colour Palette's Web Services step in. We optimise your site and make submissions to these search engines in order to get a higher ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will improve your websites presence on popular search engines. It is a powerful route in generating leads for modern businesses to secure online enquiries and sales.

Colour Palette aims to find a place for your website in the top 1 to 10 positions of all major search engines.

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